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"Please let the Committee know if you have a suggestion for a Dinner or Run. It would be great to have new cruise captains & dinner organisers. This way you can help us keep the club social calendar alive & you get to share your favourite places with friends."                                            



20/7: Club Dinner. Saturday @ 4pm. Inaugural Bocce Challenge, held at Campania Sports & Social Club, Famechon Cres., Modbury North. Must wear flat shoes to play. $15 per couple to play. $25 per head for meal platter. Need to pay cash on the night. No EFTPOS available. Contact Serge Giacomelli - ph 0418 409 560

26/7: Christmas in July.
 6:30 pm @ Windsor Hotel, 410 North East Rd, Windsor Gardens. See July Newsletter for Menu. Club Members $25 per head. Non Members $50 per head. Payment into Club Bank Account: 

BSB 105900 Account 954373840 Contact Maelyn - 0498 187 148. Bookings & Payment essential by 15/7/24.  



7/8: Club Meeting. Glenelg Baseball Club, Anderson Ave Glenelg North. Doors open 7:30 pm. Meeting starts 8:00 pm.


November Saturday 9th. Kegel Night in Tanunda. This has been postponed due to major renovations.

November Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th: Meet the Vics. Hahndorf & surrounding areas. Refer email sent to club members on 5/7/24.  Need to book direct with Hahndorf Discovery Park ph 08 8388 7921. You need to say you are with the Corvette Club. Any questions please contact either Neil Bailey on 0407 726 546 or Rob McConnell on 0408 820 819.

meet the vics 031124


Events organised by other organisations:- You would need to contact them for further information as these are not organised by our Club. Corvette Club is not responsible for the content. 

Club meetings are held at 8pm on the 1st Wednesday of every month.
 Glenelg Baseball Club. Anderson Ave, Glenelg North.

Please refer to Club Newsletter and emails regarding upcoming events 
or contact Serge Giacomelli the Events Co-ordinator on Mobile: 0418 409 560.

Would you like to organise a run?

Club Cruise Guide

  1. Cruise Preparation.

The person organising a club run should contact the Events coordinator to liaise re the run date. 

Once basic details of the run are established the run can be placed in the club calendar and advertised on the FB group and by club email.

Anyone new at organising an event can get advice from the Events Coordinator (or any Committee member).

  1. Cruise organizing.

Important considerations for a cruise can be.

Organising a starting point – easy access, easy to find, sufficient parking, access to coffee, toilets.

Deciding on a route – map it out and be sure of timings from point to point.

Booking the lunch stop/morning tea – is the venue used to having 20 -30 people arrive. Does it have suitable parking.

Test drive the route to ensure timings (plus fudge factor) before preparing map or instructions.

  1. Running the cruise.

Arrive at the meeting point early.

Have possession of the Club cruise ‘grab & go bag’ and begin passing around the Run sheet to ensure that everyone on the run has their details on that sheet.  This is a club/legal requirement.

Begin the drivers briefing at the nominated time and hand out information sheets/maps.

Make sure everyone knows the destination point – just in case.

Hand out CB radios from the grab & go bag and ensure that the non Corvette at the rear has a radio. They will be the designated emergency stop vehicle (tail end Charlie).

If the cruise captain isn’t confident leading (or doesn’t know the area) its ok to get someone else to take the role.

Refrain from stopping the group on the side of main roads with higher speed limits, if a ‘re-jig’ is required wait for a township/ safe parking area to stop the group.  If a break down/sudden stop occurs let the nominated tail end Charlie/s stop with the affected car.  It is potentially hazardous to have a large group of cars stopping/ taking off on the side of a main road.

If a collision occurs involving a club member, refer to the paperwork in the folder in the grab & go bag.

When the cruise Captain is setting the pace, keep in mind constant speed and adhering to road rules.

  1. Cruise participants.

Arrive on time.  If running late ring/message the cruise captain.

Have enough fuel to complete the run – don’t arrive asking where the nearest petrol station is.

Fill out the run sheet.

The cruise captain will set the pace, just go with the flow.

Make sure you know which car is behind you, as you approach any intersection or turn, slow down to ensure the car behind has seen which way you are going (even if its straight ahead).  They should put their indicator on when they see your indicator on.

If you have arranged to join the cruise at a nominated place, wait for the Corvette caravan to pass, then tag on the back.  If possible (traffic pending) tail end Charlie will leave a gap for you to get in.

Remember that a Corvette club run puts the club on display to the public.

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