Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


Our 1997 Carmen Red Metallic C5 coupe was purchased by us from the original owner “Harry” in Sydney in 2014.

Harry ordered the C5 with every option available including manual transmission from the Bowing Green Corvette factory and went to America to see it come off of the production line.

He first registered it in 1999 after conversion by Corvette Clinic in Melbourne. Harry, an NCRS member, took it to all the Nationals by trailer including Perth up until our purchase.

The C5 Corvette proceeds two others we have owned. A red 1984 Cross Fire coupe, on which so much was learnt by pulling it apart and putting it back together, then a Ruby Red 1993 40th Anniversary Coupe, again purchased in 2002 from the original owner, all of which were purchased to drive which is reinforced by the fact we have driven to most Corvette Nationals through our C4 and C5 period.

Club runs and trips to the Nationals have enabled us to meet so many great likeminded owners as well as talk to others who are interested in Corvettes, or are interested to find out more about them and even ownership in order they can be part of such a great club.

In going through photographs to show our Corvette to others it became obvious it was those which included other club members sharing our experiences that meant the most and showed the true meaning for us to own and share good times and Corvettes.

Thank you to all those members who have been along for the Corvette ownership ride with us and we look forward to sharing many more.





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