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Jack is the name of our new 2007 C6 Z06, as in Blackjack.

The search for a C6 Z06 began last year but was unfortunately interrupted by Covid, making it impossible to actually travel interstate to inspect any cars for sale. At that time there was a reasonable number of cars for sale at a reasonable price.

Post Covid lockdown the number of Corvettes for sale decreased suddenly at about the same rate the price increased. The whole world was about to experience a phenomenon as the price of all sorts of commodities including sports and collectible cars started to skyrocket as international (and in some cases interstate) travel wasn't an option. If anyone needed a lesson on the impact of how international travel impacts the world economies, Covid gave it to us.

So I put on a facemask for 5 hours (as much as I hate wearing them) and jumped on a plane to Perth to check out one of last remaining C6's for sale in Australia. Jack's owner has been in possession of him after he came to Australia as a 1 year old car and was converted by Performax. The story of this guy, Tony, is a story in itself. He is quite a character and car enthusiast and a man who built a large successful business from the ground up. His black Z06 with just 16,000 kms on the clock had to make way for a new Dodge Hellcat, and there was limited space in the custom made garage in amongst his collection of cars.

After spending the day with Tony, test driving the car and getting to inspect it on the workshop hoist and then getting a guided tour of Perth, a deal was done with a handshake. The mask went back on for another 5 hours of coming home (did I mention how much I hate wearing them).

A week later Jack arrived in Adelaide on the train thanks to Ceva Logistics. For a little while we had a C4, C5 and C6 in our garage until George went to his new home with Jim and Catherine.
Jack's first official outing was the 4 day club trip to the Riverland, where he performed flawlessly. On the trip back to Adelaide he averaged 7.8L/100k fuel economy, pretty impressive for a 7.0 litre V8.

The obvious question will be why the C6 Z06 ? I consider these cars to be one of the best looking Corvettes ever made, the last of the classic Corvette silhouette. The C6 Z06 has a Dana aluminium chassis, magnesium front and rear subframes, magnesium roof, carbon fibre floor and guards. The 7.0 litre 427 LS7 engine is a work of art in itself, an evolution of the C5r Corvette racing engine used in the factory team in events such as the LeMans 24 hour race. It has 12 degree heads utilizing titanium valves and factory CNC porting, Mahle flat top pistons, titanium conrods and forged crank. The engine rating is 505 horsepower, but that is an SAE net rating, meaning it is driving all accessories and through a complete exhaust. All Z06's run through a rear mounted Tremec 6 speed manual gearbox. The engine had to pass all emissions and obtain a fuel economy rating that would avoid the gas guzzler tax, which it did. The LS7 has a redline of 7000 rpm and the Z06 will do 198 mph (318 kph) in stock trim.

I'm not sure GM will ever build a Corvette like the C6 Z06 again.

Sean & Kirsty.

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