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I finally have my new Corvette, a 1998 C5, it has taken me 2 weeks to get it registered, I am the 3rd owner, and it has been registered in Victoria, since 2002 when it was converted by Corvette Clinic. However the VicRoads rego dept forgot to put the VIN number on the National Database, here-in lies my woes, I took it to local bobby for an identity check called a Tier 2, but he couldn't find the car on the NDB, but he acknowledged that as it was compliant and previously registered he would ok it, but rego people would not as it's non-existent, so I took it to the vehicle identity branch at Regency Park, purchased no.2 permit, they said the same thing not on NDB, and no import papers, cut a long story short and 2 more visits to Regency, finally got a copy of import papers, from Vic, but after a typo I had to get another, then I contacted NEVDIS in NSW and finally got them to put VIN on the NDB.

Now Regency was happy but still would not pass the car until it had a full vehicle inspection.

But after making a complaint about the car having full compliancy and should not need another inspection, they finally gave me the go ahead to register it, interstate buyers beware!

Anyway about the car, a 1998 C5 Corvette, yellow duco, black leather interior, LS1 5.7 engine, Z51 suspension, 12 cd stacker, only 27,000km, personalised plates to come to finish it off. Modified air intake and performance exhaust, will be bringing it to the next meeting, previous owner replaced all fluids and put on 4 new tyres and performance brake pads, and did a full service prior to me picking it up.            
Article by Ray Preston

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