Corvette club of South Australia Inc.


We have always loved US cars and have owned an '89 Z28 Camaro and currently have two 1950 Cadillacs. I have always wanted a Corvette and managed to talk my wife into a retirement present.  We were initially looking specifically for an '82 C3 as this was the first model with the fuel injection and also had the rear glass hatch. The limited edition model in the '82 was also appealing because they were fully optioned. Once we started to look around, we found there were more C4's available, and they had all the goodies plus the better technology and were even a bit cheaper. They also looked fantastic. I specifically wanted LHD so as to keep the car completely original.
We picked an '85 C4 on the internet in Tassy, booked one way flights for two and a berth on the ferry on the way back.  The pictures that were sent to us looked fantastic, and when we actually inspected it, the car was superb.  He wanted $23,000 and we ended up paying $20,000.  It only has 41,200 miles on the clock, and he imported it from San Francisco.  It is completely original apart from genuine 17 inch 1994 ZR1 chrome wheels.  Got it home OK, and now have a company changing the rear indicators and fitting Aussie Design Rules Seat Belts.  We are hoping it gets through Regency OK.


















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